Find Your Ring Size

Knowing your ring size is crucial to making sure you can wear you ring as soon as you get it.When we refer to ‘ring size’ we mean the inside circumference of a ring that fits you properly.This is key ---knowing your correct ring size makes all the difference in getting a ring that will fit your finger correctly.Keep in mind that many countries have their own system of expressing ring size. The UK, The EU and the USA all have distinct ring size charts. Australia and UK ring sizing charts are the same. 

Use a Ring Sizer for Accuracy

You may think you remember your true ring size, much like you know your shoe size. But we rarely remember the correct size for our own finger.So, it’s critical that you know the correct ring size—whether you are shopping for yourself or for someone special who will receive a ring from you. When we know the right ring size that you need, we’ll be able to provide you with a perfect fitting ring. Think about it; if the ring is too small, the wearer will not even be able to put it on. But if it’s too big, you’ve got another problem all together. It could slip off and get lost if you try to wear one that is too large. 

There’s an App for That!

The free downloadable Ring Sizer app is both accurate and simple to use—you can’t go wrong.It’s as simple as this. You can find out what ring size you need in measurements for the UK, EU, or the USA. All sizes can then be determined accurately and easily.Place the person’s existing ring on your smart phone screen that has had the Ring Sizer app downloaded. Now, adjust the circle until it’s an exact fit of the inside of the ring. This handy Ring Sizer allows you to keep your ring gift a secret—whether it’s the engagement ring or any other special ring as a gift. You keep the surprise a secret—without making an unnecessary trip to the jeweler.Maybe you’re not sure how to download the free Ring Sizer app. No problem. All you have to do is fill in the simple form with your details below, and register for our e-newsletter too. Then we’ll send you a link to download the Ring Sizer app. 

What You Should Know About Custom Orders

At Best Brilliance, we always are happy to accept returns and exchanges you need to make on your ring orders. This applies to standard ring sizes, of course. Any custom rings made in sizes outside those listed on normal charts are not returnable since they were special orders.

Getting Your Ring Size Right

Some people think they can measure their ring size accurately by using a ruler at home—or even a tape measure. However, these methods aren’t accurate enough for you to use. We also cannot recommend using the old-fashioned string method, either. People often thought that placing a string around the person’s finger and then laying it next to a tape measure or ruler would provide the right results. But you’ll often end up with errors. The string is stretchy—and will not give you the correct ring size. So, avoid missteps and download the reliable Ring Sizer app and take the worry out of this important step. 

We’re Here to Help

We've worked hard to ensure that the sizes we offer will work for many different shapes and sizes of customers from all over the world. We offer products that come in a range of shapes, including Unisex and Women's' styles in a full range of typical U.S. style sizes (small through 4XL).  Each product is different, so make sure to check the sizing guide in each page, as some products may be very fitted. As we introduce new products, we'll add even more information about product fits and sizes.

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